NEET is the most coveted medical entrance exam of the country, most challenging, but certainly can be cracked with the right set of strategies in place. A proven strategy which works is maintaining personal notes while preparing for NEET exams. Most, if not all, prepare revision notes and prefer it to the already available notes online as hand-written notes are comfortable and easy to understand during hurried times.

Benefits of Revision Notes for NEET

  • Helps arrange thoughts and focus on important topics
  • Time-saving. It curbs the activity of having to go through multiple books/material for a topic during revision
  • Extremely handy during last-minute studies
  • Customization as per convenience, using different ideas/tools. For example – Highlighted notes, draw instant attention
  • Helps in the identification of key elements from a chapter
  • Jotting down points helps in information-retention, aids in remembering what was learned
  • Helps grasp hacks while revisiting a concept that cannot be found elsewhere
  • Helps get acquainted with topics