12 TAT Pictures with Solution

In this article you get12 TAT Pictures with Solution. So read the every story properly so you can able to write very good story in your TAT.

TAT Pictures with Solution

On the second day of SSB, a Psychological Test is conducted. Following tests take place on this day.

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self-Description Test (SDT)

In this article, we will provide you 12 pictures along with solution. In TAT process, candidates are shown 12 images (including 1 blank) and then they need to write a story on each for 4 minutes. The time limit is imposed to gauge the natural response of each candidate.


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Rani, a 30 year old woman from a village of Bihar wanted her daughter to study in the best way possible as she herself could not study much due to some unfavorable situation. She supported her daughter, Khushi a lot in her studies, but lately khushi was facing some problem to understand the new concepts in her new class and that reflected on her performance in exams. Rani thought of sending her to private tuition, her husband was already giving a major amount of his salary so she herself takes the initiative to start tailoring to earn some money. She took out time from her busy schedule as she had a lot of work to do in family. She worked day and night to submit the tuition fees of Khushi. In next unit tests she performed really well and also secured second position in the class.


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Megha, a 23 year old woman, was recently got married to a farmer who was the son of her father’s friend. Recently her husband was facing some financial issue due to bad output of crop. Megha was quite educated and was tech friendly so firstly she registered her husband to become the beneficiary of various schemes like soil health card scheme, PM kisan samman nidhi, PM kisan fasal bima yojana, etc. through kisan portal. She also started giving tuition to the children to provide him some financial assistance. Their output of the crop increased a lot and gradually they came out of the financial distress.


12 TAT Pictures with Solution_60.1

Shikha, a 25 year old woman of NOIDA  joined an NGO to work for women empowerment in the rural area. She became the leader of her team when they were sent on a project in the village of UP. She made a proper framework of the plan. They did a real time survey by going home to home and targeting every woman of the village to know about their status related to health, education, sanitation etc. On the basis of that, they prepared a report to make a list of major changes required in the area. They collaborated with the panchayat and ASHA workers to target all those major areas and worked day and night to bring the change. With the hard work of months, finally the improvement in the condition of women was observed. Her team was also awarded for doing the amazing field work in the area.


12 TAT Pictures with Solution_70.1

Priya, age 32, was a very grounded lady. Her maid, Sudha was also very close to her and she always treated her like a family member. Sudha has a son who she sometimes takes along with her on work. Priya used to spend a good time with the child and loved him a lot. One day the boy was running towards her and his mother was after him. Recently he got poor marks and he was grounded for the same but he was playing outside so her mother was after him to beat.  Priya explained the importance of studies to his son and he understood everything.


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Shikha age 27, was an employee in an IT firm. In her office there was a peon, Kamal, age 52, who was very sweet and loving person. Shikha used to share a nice bond with him and respected him a lot. One day she observed that he was quite upset. One day he told that he had a son who was unable to get a job even after his post graduation. Shikha talked to his son, checked his CV, guided him to make his CV better, took him to employment exchange, submitted his application. He got shortlisted for an interview. She helped her with the preparation. He passed it and get a job. Kamal thanked her and showed gratitude towards her.


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Shrishti, age 25, wanted to prepare for CAT to take admission in MBA but her father suggested her to go for other master degree. She told him about her plans and assured him that she is quite sure that she would grab a seat in IIM. Her father was not completely in her support but he didn’t force her too. She studied hard day and night, cleared the exam and as she said she finally got the seat in IIM. She won the confidence of her father and made him proud. Her father appreciated her diligent behaviour.


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Shashi, age 23, was the academic captain of her school. She was given various library duties. She incorporated a system in which whenever a students returns the already issued book, he/she was allotted certain points on the basis of the condition of the book. And that was recorded digitally with the id number of students and on the basis of those collected points next book would be issued. It helped in maintaining the good condition of book and students became more responsible towards keeping book in a good state. She was appreciated for her thoughtfulness.


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Mohan, age 29, was a farmer of village in MP. He observed that the school for higher secondary level was few kms away and the road connectivity was very poor due to which many students left their studies and especially girls. He told this matter to the sarpanch with the support of parents of some students. Sarpanch took the action, road was maintained. As a result, enrolment ratio of higher secondary level education in village increased a lot more than before.


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Priya and Shyam were siblings, age 15 and 17, wanted to surprise her mother on her birthday by organising a party. They called all her friends at home through phone calls. Priya bought decoration items and cake from the market and she quietly entered through the window and decorated the room beautifully. They asked their father to order food online. Finally in the evening they surprised her. She loved her surprise party, appreciated their efforts and enjoyed her birthday a lot.


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Sudha, age 26, was a resident of village of UP. She observed there are many loopholes in the panchayat election. And the biggest was the misuse of women quota in seats that how actually man of the house would be the actual contestant but to get the benefit of quota, they show the woman as the contestant and no actual power would be given to her. Sudha herself stands in the election, organised rallies, talked about real development issues like women safety, health and education. She was able to win the confidence of people and she was able to win the elections with a large number of votes.


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Priya recently joined IAF and everyone was so proud of her. She was very dear to her family and she had a very strong bond with her younger brother. Everyone was quite upset when she left for training, especially her brother as she was more of his best friend. She went for the training and when she came back she bought gifts for everyone from her first salary. She surprised her brother with a bicycle which he wanted to purchase for a long time. He was so happy with her presence and the gift which she gave as a token of love